KILLER.CURLS is finally available in Belgium & Luxembourg! Read on and discover everything you need to know on this product that will change the way you wear your curls forever! 


The idea of natural-looking movement in hair keeps appearing in magazines and on the runway. Movement that appears natural can be very hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. Often, it is not as simple as just leaving your hair to air dry. Great-looking naturally curly or wavy hair always comes down to your product choice. These days, clients are active, on the go, and pressed for time. They have higher demands for styling products. They no longer desire the stiff look and feel of styles from yesteryear. They want a flexible look with natural feel and motion, and a style that lasts throughout the day.


Traditionally, strong-hold curl products provided a stiff strong hold, which was very unnatural looking and tended to make the hair look dull, flat, and dry. The flexible-hold products in this category typically did not perform or provided a weak hold, resulting in a style that had no longevity—by the afternoon you looked like you had been pulled through a bush backwards.


Another game-changing attribute of KILLER.CURLS is the relationship between its molecular weight and the film toughness. Film toughness is about strong hold, elasticity, and strength that requires a high level of energy to break. Strong-hold films that are tough are more capable of withstanding the stresses and are typically very heavy on the hair. KILLER.CURLS uses weightless ingredients that have about the same low molecular weight as water (under 40,000 daltons).

KILLER.CURLS uses state-of-the-art technology that is weightless but has a strong, lasting hold with a natural look and feel. Its styling properties activate curls, adding moisture and flexibility, and eliminating frizz.

It contains natural Brazilian Carnauba Wax, chosen for its superior holding properties under high heat or humid environments, and for the glossy sheen it provides. KILLER.CURLS also contains six Australian fruit extracts for added heat protection, chosen for their ability to flourish in high heat environments or harsh climatic conditions.

KILLER.CURLS is also infused with leaf extracts from Yerba Mate, found in Central and South America. Yerba Mate has a long history of medicinal usage. It contains minerals and vitamins A, C, E, B1, and B2, which strengthen the hair follicle and add lustre and shine to the hair.


Directions: Apply to towel-dried or damp hair and scrunch to activate curl. The product can be dried into the hair as you and your client decide.

I hope you enjoy using KILLER.CURLS as much as I enjoyed making it.