On the catwalk and in fashion magazines, we are seeing a lot of natural, textured hair, but sometimes in life it’s not possible without a tertiary or leave-in product. Somewhere between a crème and a spray, UN.TANGLED is wonderful for “wash-and-wear hair”, for curly hair or wavy hair, or simply as an addition to your regime to aid frizz, free with no tangles. It will unlock and refine natural texture while reducing the frizz.

UN.TANGLED is designed to be used as a ‘leave-in’ product and is suitable for medium to thick hair that requires hydration. The main purpose is to detangle and smooth over your hair, improve the look, condition and feel, while o≠ering a new level of protection. It really is a multi-faceted product. It will detangle at the same time as giving added heat protection that will protect the hair up to 220°C.

A leave in product has more benefit to the hair as you are giving the ingredients time to work. Kevin chose 6 Essential Australian Fruit extracts, as they are known to thrive and regenerate in incredibly harsh climatic conditions and remain e≠ective even in high temperatures, hence being useful when using hair dryers and heated irons. These extracts offer your hair hydration and rejuvenation to ensure a radiant, glossy and smooth finish.

These Australian Fruit extracts contain vitamins and powerful antioxidants, so in addition, Kevin added Aniseed Myrtle. This extract contains ingredients that stabilize Vitamin C, working synergistically to not only intensify the anti-oxidant’s effects, but also to protect them.

Another ingredient present is Golden Bamboo. It is known for its restorative effects on the hairsurface, which increases strength and adds natural shine and luster. Wild Rosella Flower, which is naturally high in proteins, is a great source of Essential Fatty Acids for hydration and surface repairing. Tasmanian Pepper has been included to help soothe an angry scalp due to its anti-inflammatory qualities present. The flavonoids from Tasmanian Pepper are not only potent anti-oxidants themselves, but they greatly increase the function of all the other anti-oxidants present.

UN.TANGLED is to be applied to towel dried or damp hair prior to either styling or leaving to dry naturally. It will smooth over your natural texture and refine the ends of your hair. I have found that it is incredibly successful on hair that has been dip-dyed, balyaged or highlighted. The ingredients will not only give you instant gratification, they will improve the overall condition of your hair over time.