The new TREAT.ME CRUETS ANT-AGEING & THICKENING are available in Belgium & Luxembourg. Read on and learn all about them. 


We are using Fruit Stem Cells in both of our new THICKENING and ANTI-AGEING Cruets. There has been done  a lot of research on these ingredients, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. 

Stem cells are vital ingredients used right now in the cosmetics industry.  Kevin searched the world over for just the right ones that were applicable to hair regeneration and hair growth. It came down to a simple choice and the humble apple was the answer. Apple Stem Cells (from the Uttwiler Spatlauber variety) are prized for their longevity; a single apple can last up to four months off the tree. Stem cells are unprogrammed cells that can then differentiate into cells with specific functions.  

We all have them, but unlike our stem cells, plant stem cells never age. This miracle of nature allows our own stem cells ( that reside in the hair bulb) to live longer and stimulate new growth, transforming youthful lustre to hair, via the scalp where the hair is born,  while offering protection and infusing potent phyto nutrients. Vegetable and Fruit Stem Cell research is considered to be a major breakthrough in biotechnology and is especially effective for the health of the scalp and new hair growth.


TREAT.ME ANTI-AGEING is a deep conditioning treatment to renew youthful lustre and shine to dry and brittle hair caused either chronologically or from environmental and chemical ageing. 

We use hero ingredients such as Baobab Oil to provide moisturising benefits while improving the elasticity and tone of the hair. All of these factors fight follicular ageing in a new and innovative way.


TREAT.ME THICKENING is a thickening treatment to stimulate new hair growth.  It will also leave your hair feeling moisturised, thickened and strengthened.  Using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology with this Cruet will improve the quality and density of the hair, but also fortify, strengthen and protect the root sheath.  It will also increase microcirculation to the scalp and lengthen the growing or Anagen phase of the hair, resulting in greater hair growth.  We also use nutrient-rich Yucca Extracts to help the hair absorb essential nutrients from vegetable proteins.


These two new additions to the TREAT.ME range work in harmony with the existing STRENGTH and MOISTURE Cruets. As usual you may add 10 to 20 drops from the ELIXER FLACON to personalise your treatment. The TREAT.ME range is designed as an in-salon experience for clients. The products are full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients,  and now with the addition of TREAT.ME ANTI-AGEING and THICKENING, there are even more options to indulge your hair.