We all know that heat protection is a hot topic, if you will pardon my pun!

If you think of heat protection like sunscreen, there are many BB creams, CC creams and foundations on the skincare market that contain sunscreen. However, if you were going for a prolonged amount of time in the sun (especially on a daily basis), you would not be banking on a BB cream, CC cream or a mere foundation to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. It’s the same with heat protection.


For a while now I wanted and needed to create a specific high performance heat protecting product to ensure we are able to totally protect the cuticle layer and make sure the integrity of the hair stays intact. Increasingly important in today’s world as our clients often use heated appliances and tools every day. There are so many variables that can affect the performance of heat protection ingredients, and I have been committed to creating a product that protects measurably up to 232˚C / 450˚F. I am pleased to say that technology has caught up with our needs, and I can now introduce HEATED.DEFENSE, leave-in protection for your hair. HEATED.DEFENSE is an invisible and weightless leave-in foam that protects your hair against damage from heat and the mechanical damage associated with using heated tools. This solves all of our heat protection problems, as HEATED.DEFENSE will not affect the performance of your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY styling product.

From science I have found a Copolymer that selectively binds to regions of the hair that are damaged and needs the most protection. This helps to reduce and maintain the surface of the hair. Polyquaterniums help to smooth the hair and provide conditioning and protection while forming a weightless shield around each hair, so that the surface is less readily affected by heat and mechanical damage. From the world of nature, I have used a sustainable Hydrolyzed Quinoa to help maintain the moisture levels in the hair, improve resilience and offer the hair weightless proteins that aid in rebuilding. Along with this, Organic Jojoba and Castor Oils help support the hair’s natural defense against future damage. Being weightless, HEATED.DEFENSE is perfect to layer onto damp hair after your Wash and Rinse. Use your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY styling products as you would normally, but place your weightless and invisible shield of protection on the hair first. One to three pumps of the foam, depending on the hair length, and your hair will be protected, smoothed, detangled and ready to cope with the day to day stresses of heat styling. A game changer in heat protection for your hair HEATED.DEFENSE is a super lightweight invisible foam that provides heat protection up to 232˚C / 450˚F with new technology to deliver weightless heat protection that dissolves into all hair types time after time. Enjoy!


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