There is a new mood in fashion!  The 1970’s have been creeping in and have become a big influence for 2015.  As a session artist helping to shape trends in hairstyling, Kevin has taken the idea of freedom in the hair for the 1970’s and given it a little twist by making in more languid and lived in rather than the typical fluffy hair of that era.  The modern approach with the creation of FREE.HOLD was to give incredible definition to the hair while making it more touchable.  Men’s hair is getting longer and women are also opting for the long short look.  

This new addition to the KEVIN.MURPHY range of styling products will certainly make a huge impact on the trending hairstyles of today.

Men like to have the confidence that their hair will not loose its style during the day.  FREE.HOLD performs to keep your style and gives you that almost bohemian look.  Infused with essences of Bergamot and Vanilla, FREE.HOLD is suited to the man/woman who likes to wear their hair loose and tousled.  The brilliant performance aspect of this product also lies in the fact that people want a product that allows them to confidently paly with their hair knowing it won’t loose its style.  


FREE.HOLD fills a niche within our product range between our products that offer moisture and very little hold to our pastes that had a lot of hold but nothing in between.HOW TO USE:
Apply to Damp or Dry Hair.  Allow to air dry or blow dry to create more fullness.  FREE.HOLD creates a flexible hold and natural shine.  


Male or female clients who want that natural movement, natural shine and want the ability to play with their hair knowing that it won’t lose it’s style.


Infused with Bergamot, Vanilla, Patchouli, Carnuba Wax and Yerba Mate to provide separation, a dewy shine and a soft smooth appearance.  These ingredients rejuvenate, nourish and revitalize the hair and manageability of the hair.

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